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"The culture here in Seattle and in the Pacific Northwest is unique. Its a combination of authenticity, innovation, and collaboration that makes it a wonderful culture to build a business."

- Kevin Johnson, President and CEO of Starbucks


Challenge Seattle responded to the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic by forging and supporting equally unprecedented partnerships. Working with the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors, Challenge Seattle and its member companies leveraged their world-class resources to tackle a broad range of challenges presented by the pandemic. From helping to source PPE to providing kitchen space for emergency meal preparation, our members found creative solutions to once-in-a-lifetime problems.

Within days of the first U.S. case being identified in Washington State, Challenge Seattle began hosting daily briefing calls, welcoming a large and inclusive group of employer representatives. In addition to the calls, which were held for over 16 months, Challenge Seattle worked closely with the Boston Consulting Group, and public and private leaders from across the state to develop and publish six reports on topics impacting business, K-12, and higher education during the pandemic. 

Read all of the Challenge Seattle COVID-19 reports and more about our members' response. 



Challenge Seattle partnered with public and private sector leaders to establish the Greater Seattle Partners (GSP). GSP is a groundbreaking public-private partnership with a regional approach, created to advance economic growth and competitiveness for the Puget Sound region.

GSP will focus on attracting new investment, promoting international trade and growing existing industry clusters by: aggressively marketing the Puget Sound region;

recruiting targeted business and trade focused on region’s assets; using sophisticated analytics and data to tell region’s competitive story; and engaging leadership and funding from both the public and the private sector.

Learn more about Greater Seattle Partners.

The Seattle region is home to people and companies that dare to do things a new way. We defined personal computing, re-imagined the coffee break, and connected the world through air travel.

Challenge Seattle is proud to be telling our region's story through the Incredible Works Here campaign, giving voice to all that Seattle has to offer. Incredible Works Here celebrates Seattle’s residents, its diversity, its environment, and its innovative businesses by telling the stories of Seattle’s incredible people and feats.

Learn more about the Incredible Works Here campaign.

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