"The story of how Seattle came together can be a model for any city and organization. In some ways, it’s hard to dream up a city better equipped to manage an outbreak of a new and deadly pathogen."

-Fortune Magazine, "Coronavirus in Seattle"


Read about how Challenge Seattle and its members led the region's business response to

COVID-19 and our unprecedented partnership with the public sector in Fortune:

"Saving a city: How Seattle’s corporate giants banded together to flatten the curve"


Challenge Seattle has worked closely with Public Health experts from King County and Washington State to create a guide for businesses to support critical contact tracing efforts. Employers have a vested interest in quickly notifying employees of potential exposure to COVID-19 to keep employees healthy, maintain customer and employee confidence, and reduce the need to close facilities.


This resource provides straightforward guidance on best practices for responding to a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in the workplace, including alerting close contacts, understanding quarantine and isolation requirements, and communicating with additional stakeholders. Following these steps can help stop the spread and protect our community - please use and share this guide with others:

Employers' guide to contact tracing in the workplace (updated July 27)

In partnership with Washington Roundtable and the Boston Consulting Group, Challenge Seattle has developed a checklist to help employers prepare for a safe re-opening. Created in close partnership with public health officials, these checklists offer a framework for all employers to begin thinking about best practices for operations that protect employees, customers, and the community while we await a vaccine:

Planning for a "new normal": summary & checklists (updated April 27)

Planning for a "new normal": full report (updated April 27)


Challenge Seattle also partnered with the Boston Consulting Group to publish an analysis of the economic impacts of the pandemic, both regionally and statewide:

Regional & statewide economic impacts (updated May 4)


Challenge Seattle partnered with Washington Roundtable and Kinetic West, a social impact consulting firm, to research best practices for re-opening K-12 schools. Based on thorough research and interviews with education leaders, the resulting report reviews how other states and countries are approaching a safe return to school for K-12 students.


This work was completed on behalf of the Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI) and helped to inform re-opening guidance issued by OSPI to K-12 school districts in Washington State.

Best practices for re-opening K-12 schools (published May 22)

OSPI's Reopening Washington Schools District Planning Guide (published June 11)


Challenge Seattle, Washington Roundtable,  and the Boston Consulting Group have identified and compiled  best practices for re-opening higher education. Developed in partnership with Washington's higher education leaders, the resulting resources include a checklist of baseline recommendations for re-opening, as well as additional considerations for campus safety and protocols for food services, campus transportation, and residences.


This work also includes a united statement issued by our state’s higher education leadership to instill confidence in students, parents, faculty, staff, and the community regarding their shared commitment to safely re-open. 

Aligned statement of higher education leadership & best practices for re-opening higher education institutions (published June 12)

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