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The high cost of housing in our state has reached a crisis level, threatening our quality of life, economic vitality, and the future of our community. 
The challenge is daunting, but there is an opportunity to tackle this crisis together and holistically to build a brighter, affordable future for Washingtonians.

In partnership with Boston Consulting Group, Challenge Seattle issued the 2019 report "The Invisible Crisis," referring to the growing housing affordability challenge for middle-income households in King County. In 2023, Challenge Seattle issued a follow-on report entitled "The Conspicuous Crisis," which takes a broader geographic view to understand the scope of the affordable housing crisis state-wide. These reports define the scope of the housing affordability crisis through data and research, include a landscape analysis of best practices from around the world, and highlight potential solutions for consideration. 

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Seattle is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Our infrastructure must keep pace. Our transportation system connects us together—and together, we must find innovative ways to move more people and goods, more quickly and efficiently. Our quality of life depends on it.  

Challenge Seattle is committing its expertise, insights, and resources to this challenge. In partnership with transportation leaders, Challenge Seattle seeks to bring stakeholders together to think creatively, take action, and create the transportation system for the future.

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