Challenge Seattle

Challenge Seattle is a private sector initiative led by many of the region’s CEOs working to address the issues that will determine the future of our region—for our economy and our families. Building on our region’s history, we are focused on taking on the challenges that must be addressed to ensure our region continues to grow, transform, and thrive, while maintaining our quality of life.

Seattle is one of the most innovative, vibrant, and diverse places in the world, where the creativity of our denizens knows no bounds. Exploring—as Jimi Hendrix and Macklemore have done with music, as Maria Hines and Tom Douglas are doing with food and as Dale Chihuly does with glass—is what Seattleites have been doing since the Denny party first arrived in this corner of the country. From aviators to software engineers to retail pioneers to football players, we passionately pursue our dreams, often overcoming great odds to succeed.

Whether they grew up here—or moved here with a purpose—the area’s business leaders have a deep respect and admiration for this place that has encouraged, fostered, and fueled so many dreams. We want to celebrate the region’s successes and create future opportunities—for our community and for business.


Challenge Seattle was formed to ensure that greater Seattle continues to thrive as one of the most vibrant, innovative and globally competitive regions in the world by recognizing the uniqueness of our people, our culture and our pioneering companies.

We are focused on four goals:

  1. 1Provide our children the opportunity through education to compete for future jobs here in Washington State.
  2. 2Develop world leading infrastructure that drives our future growth and vitality and improves quality of life.
  3. 3Create and maintain good jobs while preserving our values.
  4. 4Tell the Seattle story here and around the world.

Opportunities For Our Children

Challenge Seattle is partnering with DiscoverU to promote career and college exploration for students in the region.  We are enthusiastically supporting this effort by opening the doors of our member companies and organizations to students, hosting tours and creating hands-on opportunities to experience the exciting careers available throughout the Puget Sound region. CEOs and employees from Challenge Seattle will also visit classrooms to share their personal career path stories and the role of education in their lives. Collectively, we want to share a clear message with all students in the region—there are great jobs here in Washington and we want to hire Washington students.

Seattle. Incredible Works Here

World leading infrastructure

Transportation is a key area of our regional infrastructure that needs attention. We are introducing a vision for the future of transportation.

World leading infrastructure

Transportation is a key area of our regional infrastructure that needs attention. We are introducing a vision for the future of transportation.

Telling Our Story

Our region has always attracted visionaries and pioneering thinkers. We’ve been home to people and companies that dare to do things our way. We defined personal computing, re-imagined the coffee break, invented new art forms, and connected the world through air travel. This freedom to pursue passions and explore new frontiers is the heart and soul of this region – and what we are committed to nurturing for the next generation.  We have just launched an exciting effort to start telling the incredible stories of Seattle and the innovative approach we have to life and business.

The Incredible Works Here campaign celebrates Seattle’s people, its diversity, its environment, and its innovative businesses by telling the stories of Seattle’s incredible people and feats.

Seattle. Incredible Works Here

Global Innovation Exchange

Challenge Seattle is proud to partner with the University of Washington in the creation of the Global Innovation Exchange, with founding support from Microsoft. Building on the long tradition of international faculty collaborations, GIX will bring together the best students, faculty and industry experts from around the world (all in one place) to apply their talents to solving the challenges of our time. As the home to many of the world’s leading organizations in technology and innovation, GIX will be a welcome and important addition to the Seattle area.


Challenge Seattle is made up of 17 of the region’s companies and private-sector organizations including Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Boeing, Chateau Ste Michelle, Costco, Expedia, JP Morgan Chase, Madrona Venture Group, Microsoft, Nordstrom,  PATH, Puget Sound Energy, REI, Starbucks, Weyerhaeuser and Zillow. The group is led by former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire.

Challenge Seattle CEO, former Governor Christine Gregoire

This is my home: it’s where I grew up, went to school and raised my family. It’s where I am watching my grandkids grow up. I want them to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams—and to have the education, training and support they need to do just that. I believe in the future of this region, and it is my duty to help ensure its success. Working with this group of visionary leaders is an unique civic opportunity, and together we will work to create a better future for our residents and our region.